About Me

Anna Hagermark - PortraitMy interest for Shiatsu started during my career as a professional dancer. I was looking for an efficient way to relieve my existing pains as well as help prevent new injuries and discomforts. Very quickly I noticed strong positive effects on all levels from physical to emotional and mental. Impressed and convinced by its beneficial effects, I wanted to learn more about it and decided to start the training and later to become a professional practitioner.

For me Shiatsu is about human encounters and about developing as a person and finding your inner potential. My aim as a practitioner is to accompany my clients on this very personal journey and create a secure space where each one can unfold in their own way and and at their own pace.

I obtained my professional Shiatsu training and diploma with the International Shiatsu School (ISS) Kiental in Switzerland. It is a four-year training and is led by some of the leading Shiatsu profiles in Europe.

I am also a certified dance teacher (Diplôme d’Etat de professeur de danse) and a mother of two children.