Frequently Asked Questions

FAQDo I have to be sick before I can book a Shiatsu treatment?
No. A regular Shiatsu treatment is a good way to prevent health problems arising. Many people choose Shiatsu just because they enjoy it and it helps them to stay well.

Can I receive Shiatsu while taking medication?
Yes, but the client should inform the practitioner of any medication they are currently taking.

Are there any times when Shiatsu may not be appropriate?
Shiatsu practitioners are specifically trained to recognise when Shiatsu may not be appropriate. It is not
a matter of saying “Don’t have Shiatsu if you have this or that condition”. If you have any doubts, the
best thing is to talk to me on the phone before booking a treatment.

Is Shiatsu done without clothes?
No, the receiver stays dressed throughout the whole treatment. Please bring comfortable clothes and a
pair of socks.

How many treatments will be necessary?
The number of treatments required will depend on your general state of health and the nature of the
conditions needing help. A personalised treatment plan can be established during the first consultation.

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