Stones - Côte BleuI’m delighted to welcome you to my website. Here you can gather information about my activity as a Shiatsu practitioner and about Shiatsu in general as well as its benefits. I receive clients in my practice located in the centre of Aix en Provence. The treatments are suitable for all ages:
children, teenagers, grown-ups and seniors. I also give treatments at your workplace.

Shiatsu is a traditional form of body therapy from Japan. By balancing the flow of energy in the meridians, Shiatsu can relieve many conditions, help prevent the build-up of stress, and restore vitality and well being.

Literally translated as ‘finger pressure’, Shiatsu uses comfortable pressure from the thumbs, fingertips and palms applied to the energy channels and specific points in the body. The treatment is given through loose, comfortable clothing, and may also include gentle stretches and rotations of the limbs and joints.

The aim of Shiatsu is to promote the processes of self healing and personal growth through balancing the circulation of the body’s energy: Qi . The well being of a person as a unity of body, mind and spirit depends on the harmonic flow of this energy. I practice Zen-Shiatsu which is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and was founded by Shizuto Masunaga.